Industrial – 300W-500W


The Yeti - 300W Industrial Wireless Power

The Yeti

The Yeti 300W-500W Industrial Wireless Charging Solution


  • Full end-to-end 300 Watt wireless charging system
  • Superior performance at >95% efficiency (DC-DC)
  • System includes both receiver and transmitter
  • Complete battery charging and management function
  • Spark Connected Pantheon™ intelligent control wireless power software
  • Transmitter can be powered directly from 85V – 264V AC line voltage
  • Built-in safety features including robust metallic Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Supports future products and standards changes with a simple software upgrade
  • Meets strict regulatory requirements
  • Industry’s highest power levels using the smallest coils
  • Applications: Industry 4.0, autonomous robots, floor care, drones, medical devices, underwater sensors, power tools, e-bikes

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The Yeti - 300W Industrial Wireless Power
The Yeti - 300W industrial wireless power for drones, industrial robots