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The Hydra - Multiple Device Wireless Power from Spark Connected, Inc.

The Hydra

2W Resonant Multi-Charger


  • Low cost, low-power resonant wireless charging solution
  • Provides the ultimate user charging experience for wearables and connected IoT devices
  • Unparalleled flexibility of positioning
  • Includes both transmitter and receiver solutions
  • Supports one-to-one and multi-device charging
  • Up to 2W charging per receiver, depending on RX coil
  • Higher frequency enables the smallest coil dimensions
  • Supports coil locations close to other metal objects
  • Uses inexpensive PCB or FPC coils
  • Meets strict regulatory requirements
  • Complete reference design for integrating wireless power into your product
  • Applications: smartwatch, fitness band, smart clothing, smart sports equipment, smart stylus, earbud headphones, hearing aids, IoT, swarm robotics.
Multiple Devices wireless charging - The Hydra, Spark Connected
The Hydra - 2W Low Power Wireless Charging Solution
The Hyrdra's multi-charging capabilities for IoT

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