Laptop and Tablet

Laptop and Tablet

The Minotaur - 30/45/65W Laptop and Tablet Wireless Charging Solution

The Minotaur

30/45/65/95W Laptop and Tablet Wireless Charging Solution


  • Provides up to 95W wireless charging for portable devices
  • System includes both receiver and transmitter
  • Superior performance at >90% efficiency
  • Transmitter charges Qi certified devices and fastcharge smartphones
  • Receiver can be charged by Qi certified chargers
  • Powered by commercially available USB-C supply
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) ensures safe power transfer
  • Supports future products and standards with a firmware upgrade
  • Meets strict regulatory requirements
  • Applications: tablets, notebooks, drones, point of sale terminals, Bluetooth speakers, virtual assistants
Wireless Charging Solution for 30/45/65W Laptop and Tablet
Minotaur wireless charging solution for Drones
Minotaur boards for 30/45/65W Laptop and tablet wireless charging

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